January 27

New Tools for My Classroom

It seems that every time I open my computer, I learn of new tools for teachers and students.  I feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety of ways to incorporate technology into the classroom. Of course, I have been teaching long enough that I can remember when the overhead projector and opaque projects were considered new innovations! Now, I am using a projecter connected to my laptop computer and a document camera. I’m integrating Google Classroom to distribute and collect assignments and assessments. And now–there’s Padlet and Flipgrid!

My brain and my eyes are beginning to spin.  Sometimes, I worry that my head will start to spin (remember the scene in the old Linda Blair version of The Exorcist?).

So, where does a thirty-eight year veteran begin to integrate technology? I suppose I could take the advice of the author of Bird-by-Bird–one step at a time.

I created my first Padlet yesterday.–a comparison of the different types of sonnets–to share with my English IV students as we study the sonnet form during the English Renaissance. It was so easy once I started.  Now, I need to figure out how to integrate that with Google Classroom!

I am looking at examples of Padlets.  Here  is a really complex example for high school English.  I see so many possibilities for both instruction, discussion, and assessment.

One step at a time.

My next step is to have students create their own Padlets to share with the class. I can’t wait to get students in seventh grade to create Padlets and even Flipgrids while we study Greek mythology through the novel The Sea of Monsters.

But it’s still one step at a time.

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